Nature of the Beast Productions was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1996, and produces independent comedy and dramatic films and shorts. Click the links to the left for earlier productions.

NOTB Productions is currently in production on 'Skyboys', a children's fantasy-adventure about two young, squabbling brothers who are sent to their grandmother's for a week, but find a rocket in the woods, blast off, and get lost in space, and have to make friends and learn to get along in order to find their way back home.

We are wrapping up the filming portion of the movie, and beginning post-production. Many thanks to the businesses, organizations, and individuals who provided locations, materials, advice and support to the film over the past year, including but not limited to:

Town of Leyden
Town of Bernardston
The employees of Greenfield Home Depot
Leader Home Center
Just Things Antiques
Northfield-Mount Hermon School
Antonio's Pizza
Mountain View B&B
The Fabric Store, Greenfield
Greenfield Glass
Manny's in Greenfield
Noyes Farm, Greenfield
Wheelview Farm, Shelburne
Shelburne Fire District
Poupon Limousine, Bernardston
Greenfield Recorder

Here is the film's teaser trailer: